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Five Situations That Warrant Drinking Water

Water is our lifeblood – you already know this. Humans are up to 60% water, so you'd better believe that it’s important to stay hydrated. Below, we are going to look at five situations when it is particularly important to drink a glass of water (or any other rehydrating liquid – so avoid drinks like tea and coffee). We will also provide you with a brief description of why it’s so important to consider rehydrating at such times.

Before Reaching for That Extra Biscuit
This is a relatively new discovery, but scientists have found that people often mistake thirst for hunger. This is normal. In our evolutionary past, we used to obtain a lot of our water from fruits and vegetables. These were generally safer to consume than river water or puddles. That’s because the fruit/vegetable acted as a purifier and filter.

Next time you reach for a biscuit, try having a drink of water instead. You may find that it quenches your hunger just as much as your thirst. Here, try a special rehydrating drinks, such as Megahydrate or a sports drink. These drinks contain electrolytes. It could be that your body is craving the electrolytes, rather than the water per se.



Before Having a Blood Test
Have you ever had a blood test where the nurse finds it difficult to find a vein? This is often a sign of dehydration. When your body does not have enough water, it will draw it out from the blood, leaving you with slightly less blood volume. You'll notice that drinking a large glass of water will swiftly bring your veins up and out of the skin.

Look at your hands right now. Are the veins thin? If so, drink a glass of water and see what happens to the veins. It’s extremely interesting.

Before Taking a Flight
We mentioned that if you are dehydrated, that there is less blood pumping around the body. As well as having less blood, the blood that you do have is stickier. Sticky blood is bad news. It means that it can clot faster (unless you have a certain type of blood disorder that thins the blood). Blood clots within veins and arteries can lead to stroke and pulmonary embolism. Couple this with sitting still for a period of time in a pressurised cabin, and your risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis) rises. Drinking a glass of water beforehand helps to minimise the risks.

Before Bed
Exactly the same as the previous paragraph, you can also develop DVTs while in bed. This is caused by the lack of movement and the stickiness of dehydrated blood. Drink a pint of water about half an hour to an hour before bed, and you minimise the risk of developing DVTs.

Before Starting Your Day
Drinking a big glass of water – especially Megahydrate, which contains the electrolytes needed for a healthy body – can really kick-start your day. You will feel a greater amount of energy and it will wake you up fast.

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