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An Organic Salve To Treat Skin Ailments

As we all know modern medicines are becoming increasingly ineffective to fight infections. The well-known ones are antibiotics and cancer treatment drugs. You will know that if you hang your washing out, ozone is a very effective disinfectant.  You will also know this as skin problems clear up when you sit in the sun for a while every day.

However, the sun doesn’t shine every day in our country and other cures need to be found.  Luckily scientists have now been able to harness ozone in a product called Ozonated Olive Oil. It is for you to find the brand that has the finest characteristics.

As the ageing population is now proportionally higher than the younger generation doctors have to treat an increasing number of them with diabetes and obesity due to an unhealthy lifestyle.


Diabetics suffer foot problems and if they are bed ridden pressure sores to boot.  With more promiscuity there are also youngsters who suffer from herpes viruses and other sexual ailments.


The above oil was discovered totally by accident in the beginning of the last century. In those days tuberculosis sufferers were treated by breathing ozone through oil.  It was noticed that after a while the olive oil turned to a gel, trapping the ozone within.

It was discovered that this gel was a great way to treat skin lesions.  Because modern drugs are now becoming less effective, manufacturers started pushing the gel as an alternative medicine.  It is a wholly natural product and even in hospitals it is now being used.


The olive oil used in these preparations is the organic extra virgin variety through which ozone is bubbled. These days the salve is almost exclusively used for skin conditions.  It is easy to use and you should apply it to affected skin areas just like a cream.


It helps to regenerate skin cells so that wounds heal quicker and at the same time it is also a cleanser and antiseptic.  It is well worth your while to pack it in your suitcase because you can use it to treat insect bites and sunburn.