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Why Do We Need to Drink So Much Water?

Some of us can find it difficult to drink the required amount of water per day, while others of us find it difficult to stop drinking! What many of us struggle with, however, is the ‘why’ of it all. Why is it so important to stay well hydrated? Today, we are going to look at this issue in more depth.

What Does It Mean to Be Well-Hydrated?
Being well hydrated means that we have sufficient levels of water in the body. When we do, our bodies work to optimum capacity.

How Do You Become Well-Hydrated?
Many people are confused about the way in which we become well-hydrated. They assume that we have to drink pure water, and that drinks such as fruit juice and cordial simply do not hydrate. This is not true, it all counts towards your recommended daily allowance of water. Even supplements like Megahydrate can help to boost the amount of hydration in the body.

Even tea and coffee, which have diuretic properties, are hydrating – although we would warn you against using them when you are dehydrated, simply because they are less hydrating than other drinks are.

Why Do We Need So Much Water?
Up to 70% of our bodies are made of water. If we dip below that threshold, we will experience all sorts of issues. At the lower end, we will experience things like headache, but in a worst-case scenario, we can die. The body can’t live for more than 3 or 4 days without water!

What Sort of Things Does Water Do In for the Body?
Water plays many, many roles in the human body. Here are a few of the most important:

1.    Allowing good communication between cells. Many cells, such as neurons, communicate by sending electric impulses down the synapses. These synapses need to be well lubricated in order for the signals to flow correctly. When we are dehydrated, these signals pass less easily, and we then start to feel ill as different parts of the body start to fail. If you feel a decline in your cognition, you should try having a drink to see if that makes any difference.

2.    It helps to break down food. What is saliva made up of? Among other things, including enzymes, it’s made of water. If you can’t produce saliva, you won’t be able to eat properly. The entire digestive process will be affected.

3.    It helps to fight off infections. When we breathe through our noses, the mucous membrane traps infection so that we do not inhale pathogens into the human body.



When we are dehydrated, we produce less mucous, and so our bodies are less efficient at trapping infections before they become a problem. If you frequently find yourself with a cold, then try drinking more water (or fruit juice or even a supplement such as Megahydrate!).

4.    It helps to lubricate our joints. Our joints require a cushion so that the bones and cartilage don’t become damaged. That cushioning, as we’re sure you’ve guessed, is partially made up of water. Keep your joints in good working order by maintaining good hydration.

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