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A Home Comfort Colon Cleanse

Much has been written about the digestive tract and the health benefits of colon cleansing.  After all the intestines are a very important part of our body machine.  It is here that nutrients are extracted from the food we eat.

These nutrients are then carried by the blood stream to all organs of the body. Unfortunately some of us suffer from ailments such as repeated infections, brain fatigue and sometimes candida.

The reason for this is that our digestive tract is not working properly because of impacted waste. This waste prevents the successful uptake of nutrients.

Many people resort to colonic irrigation, but you can buy a do it yourself natural product to do the job at home.  For this reason you may want to buy Oxy powder which is an oxygenating product taken orally every day.


The product has an effect on impacted waste by liquefying it. It will then become easy to expel, together with toxins that may be present.  Because it is an oxygenating supplement and good bacteria need oxygen, the beneficial bacteria are not affected by it.

However, a yeast fungus overgrowth needs an oxygen poor environment and they are killed off during this process.

This home treatment is less expensive than going for a colonic irrigation session and it also does the job better.  The reason for this is that the whole length of the intestinal tract is treated and not just the lower section.

Because this dietary supplement attacks the source of your constipation, you will soon start feeling more energetic and since the immune system will be strengthened allergies and repeated infections will soon be a thing of the past.

You will, however, have a few uncomfortable days when you start taking this product.  Die off symptoms may occur and naturally you will have loose stools for a few days until the problem is rectified.

The above supplement is a high quality cleanser and it does not contain any harsh elements such as fibres. It will not affect the lining of the intestines in a negative way.