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Optibac The Calming Probiotic

Many of the probiotic food supplements are designed to flush the intestines of any hard or compacted waste.

Optibac probiotics is a little different in this respect as it is formulated to reduce diarrhoea and calm the gut so the urge to make frequent visits to the lavatory is reduced.

The key ingredient is the natural and safe probiotic yeast known as Saccharomyces boulardii and extensive trials have convinced many of the help this gives with a number of gastrointestinal problems.

Diarrhoea is not always the result of reaction to certain foods. Most of us suffer with this problem at some time or other when we travel abroad and eating habits change. Even the change in drinking water can give us some cramps and diarrhoea just because of increased mineral content.

In Turkey for example most people drink bottled water not because tap water is in any way contaminated but simply because of the high mineral content that over a long period of time can cause kidney stones.


Many illnesses can begin with a problem in the digestive tract and it’s easy to believe this when you realise what happens with every bite of food you swallow.
Numerous processes take place from the moment the nose smells delicious food even before that first bite. The nose alerts the saliva gland and enzymes are ready to work on the first mouthful. Throughout the digestive system various acids and enzymes along with gut bacteria end up reducing the food to nutrients, water and waste.

The whole system has been fine-tuned over the history of mankind but only in recent years have eating habits undergone such a transformation.

Instead of simple foods that included more vegetation, fruit and nuts along with only occasional meat or fish we now have supermarkets and processed foods. Our guts are now assaulted with too much sugar and salt along with additives too many to list.

Food manufacturers are obliged by law to list ingredients on the packet, tin or bottle but usually the writing is so small you need a magnifying glass to have any chance of reading it.

Optibac is a gentle probiotic with the ingredient to help settle many bowel complaints and has proved itself in many clinical trials.