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Do You Want A Clean And Healthy Colon?

Yes, should definitely be the answer to this question. An unhealthy and poorly functioning colon will lead to problems that may affect your everyday life. This could be anything from constipation to bloating, stomach cramps and even vomiting. The Finchley Clinic provides an array of colon cleansers that, as the name suggests, could help to clean out your colon.


The above illustrates the negative effects that could occur from an unhealthy colon. So, why do we need a clean colon?


Our colon, or large intestine, has to be healthy and function normally as it has a vital job of absorbing the nutrients and vitamins needed by the body. Afterwards, the built up leftovers that is not needed is expelled from the body. If the colon is not functioning correctly, this could be down to a poor diet that is not high in fibre and rich in fruit and vegetables. This, plus a lack of exercise, could contribute to the build-up of waste consisting of bacteria and toxins which will affect the colon.



Those who have some of the symptoms of an unhealthy colon may want to consider colon cleansers. Like all supplements and medication, responses are different and so people should seek advice from a medical practitioner if they have any queries or concerns.


The cleansers that are available at The Finchley Clinic are mostly in capsule form and also in powder form. The cleansers are: Oxy Powder, Colosan and Mag O7. The supplements work by releasing oxygen into the colon and the oxidising process helps to break down the toxic matter that is clinging to the colon.


What is better? That is a difficult question and it may be hard to provide a clear cut answer. The best answer would result in individual experiences. While the colon cleansers do work by the same principles, some users may actually find that one cleanser agrees with them better than the other. A good way to decide for yourself is to see which one works for you!