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Clean And Clear

Life in the modern world often means rushed meals that are not freshly prepared and consists of ready made frozen packages or fast food takeaways.


Despite the number of TV cookery programs many adults having grown up on junk food continue to do so. This is evident with the ever growing number of obese adolescence and adults along with the resulting medical complications such as diabetes and high blood pressure.


It is ironic that apparently poorer countries have healthier looking people. Ingredients on packaged and processed supermarket food and drink are usually printed in very small lettering frequently impossible to read without a magnifying glass.


Excessive salt and sugar usually present as a preservative means we are clogging up the digestive system with anunnatural sluggish movement.

Poor eating habits combined with a lack of exercise that comes about because so many jobs these days involves sitting in front of a computer screen can lead to a poorly functioning digestive system.


There are many signs of an underperforming digestive system most commonly a bloated feeling and perhaps constipation. Left alone this will also lead to other problems like fatigue and maybe headaches.


What the colon needs is some gentle type of laxative but not the usual harsh kind that rips through the system like the powder one is given before a colonoscopy!


Colosan is a product that moves things along in a gentler manner whilst bringing beneficial oxygen that has a positive effect on aerobic gut bacteria.

The product taken in the form of Colosan capsules consists of allotropes of magnesium oxide and works by releasing oxygen where it is most needed in the colon.



The root cause of the discomfort is often because of the excess salts and sugars that have the effect of clogging up parts of the lining of the intestine. Where this happens there are problems with healthy bacteria that are essential as part of the breaking down of food process.


Certain gut bacteria are essential in reducing food down to molecular size nutrients that are absorbed into the blood so keeping a clean colon is an important part of good health.