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How Healthy Do YouThink You Are?

I am asking this question for a personal reason. Just recently a friend of mine who two months ago was a walking example of loveliness and health suddenly became terribly ill. I met up with her a couple of days ago and blanched at the sight of her.


She had to undergo a couple of nasty operations which has left her body’s left side slightly paralysed and she will have to have more surgery at the end of the month. I wondered, as I looked at her, whether her now frail body could withstand such further intervention.


It started me thinking that we could do something about strengthening our immune system and to live a healthier life. Vitamin C is very important as it is an anti-oxidant. If you are not keen on citrus fruits you are now able to buy Camu Camu powder from any health supplement provider.



Why has this supplement become so popular? The Camu Camu berry is the product of a tropical tree that grows in the Amazon region. Research has found that the fruits have an amazingly high Vitamin C content. The flesh of the fruit is converted to a powder which can be added to fruit drinks to make it more palatable to take.


Anti-oxidants are a very powerful ally of our body to prevent cancers from forming as they protect the DNA in our cells from free radical attacks. You need to understand that the antioxidants do not themselves fight the free radicals.


They are necessary to strengthen your immune system so that your body is less likely to fall prey to pathogens that invade our bodies all the time. These pathogens can enter our bloodstream via the air we breathe; think about airborne viruses and through the food we eat every day.


Also if our digestive health is not good, there is a chance that nutrients cannot travel through the intestinal lining into the bloodstream, thus depriving our organs from vital nutrition. This lowers the effectiveness of the immune system.