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Probiotics A Trusted Friend In A Gut Crisis

The health buzz words of the moment are probiotic foods and supplements.  Supermarkets stock probiotic drinks and yoghurts and supplement manufacturers have seen their fortunes rise because an ever growing health conscious crowd now add these micro-organisms to their diet.


It is easy to see why the supplement market is growing rapidly as to add a dietary product to a diet every day is much more convenient than to buy large amounts of probiotic foods.


It is said that supplements containing a wider range of probiotic strains such as Bio Kult are much more likely to get you on the road to rude health than the ones that only contain a couple of them. The reason for this is that different bacterial strains target different problems.


Probiotics will help the friendly bacteria to improve digestion and strengthen the immune system. Some people will also say that they help to lose weight.  However, that is incidental as you will lose the bad bacterial overgrowth.  It will also banish bloating and constipation so your tummy will look flatter.


You need to know that bacteria good as well as harmful are useful so long as the harmful ones do not get the upper hand.


If you do suffer bowel problems then probiotics will reduce diarrhoea, especially if it is caused by an infection or a course of antibiotics.  If you are a normal healthy individual, it makes sense to take probiotics when you have been on antibiotics.


These micro-organisms will make sure that your bowel problems do not last long. There is also a close connection between immune responses and the good bacteria and the latter will make sure that your immune system stays healthy.


Fermented yoghurt and a relatively newcomer in the health industry, called Kefir, are also good sources of these beneficial micro-organisms.  However, if these products have been lingering in your fridge for a few days, they may have lost their potency.


Another point to note is that if you are lactose intolerant, the best way to re-establish a healthy flora is to take one of the supplements.