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A Simple Aid to Stay Healthy Longer

Most of us are guilty of bumbling through life.  This is especially true of people who are blessed with good health for most of their lives.

Suddenly, though, we retire and after a few years signs of ageing set in.  We may not have thought about the lifestyle we were leading, but it may have been one of fast foods, stress and lack of exercise.

It is at this time that thoughts about how to stave off the advances of ageing come to mind. If you have such thoughts then perhaps you could add dietary supplements such as NADH 20 mg to your daily diet.


Let me explain a little of what this product does.  This product’s full name is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and basically it is Vitamin B3 or a substance called niacin. This cellular compound enables the body to transfer the energy of the nutrients we eat to the cells.

This will allow them to function better and also to stave off the effects of genes that will accelerate the ageing process.  Like all beneficial compounds that our body produces this substance declines within our bodies when we age.  This in turn leads to the visible and invisible signs of ageing.

The powerhouse of our cells is the mitochondria and they will be able to increase the rate of chemical reactions that are necessary to repair DNA.  Research has shown by adding this vitamin compound to our diet will increase life span and also to protect tissues and our DNA.

The diminishing sources of NAD compound the degenerative effect of gene and energy related functions.  The result of this is the appearance of disorders that are related to ageing.  To avoid us falling prey to these degenerative diseases is to step up the replacement of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, referred to as niacin.

There is nothing easier than to take more exercise, eat well and simply add this dietary supplement to your daily intake of food.


NAHD 20 mg can be found at https://www.thefinchleyclinic.com/shop