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Why It’s Vital That You Protect the Health of Your Colon

The colon is one of the organs about which we hear very little. We often talk about ways to protect our hearts, brains, livers, and kidneys, but we frequently overlook the colon. Perhaps it’s because it’s such a robust organ, that things rarely go wrong. Or, maybe it’s that people are embarrassed to talk about it.

Whatever the reason, it’s vital that we understand the huge importance of the colon. It’s only then, will we all start to look after ours a little better than we may be doing at present.

Why Is Your Colon So Important?
To understand why it’s vital, you need to understand the massive and widespread role it plays in the body. The colon IS one of our vital organs, although you wouldn’t necessarily know this, because we rarely discuss it.

Here are its key roles:

1.    It removes waters from the food you eat. This means that the colon helps to maintain hydration. Every cell in our body requires water, and without it, we’d quickly perish. The amount of water the colon removes is very precise: too much and you become constipated, not enough, and you get diarrhoea. Incidentally, the reason that magnesium works to loosen constipation is that it introduces more water to the colon. This is partially how products such as Oxy Powder help with constipation.


2.    It removes vitamins, nutrients, and minerals from the food we eat. The colon and the small intestine are responsible for extracting energy, nutrients, and minerals from the food that we eat.

Clearly, you can understand just how important this is. Without it, our cells wouldn’t receive the nutrition that they need, and as such, our entire body would start to suffer. This is why things like long-term diarrhoea are so bad; it means our bodies are not absorbing the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from the food we eat.

Without the colon and the small intestines, every single part of the body would start to feel the effects.

3.    It removes waste from the body. Most people know about this function, and indeed, many people think that it’s the only thing that the colon does, but as you can see from 1 & 2, the colon is complex and implicit in many bodily functions.

Removing waste from the body is the task of the colon alone. You can survive without a colon, but you need a colostomy bag to remove the waste – doctors can now perform surgery to place a similar device inside the body, which is good news.

If your body didn’t remove waste, you would quickly become ill.

As you can now appreciate, the colon is of vital importance, and while a person can survive without one, it’s much better to have one. It’s important that you look after your colon, and while you can’t prevent some issues, such as cancer, you might be able to reduce the risks of other conditions, such as IBS.

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