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The Health Benefits Of Colostrum

Dietary supplements have become very popular as people of any age want to improve their health. We do not always eat a healthy diet and they can be very useful to supplement the vitamins and minerals fast food lack.


There has been talk about athletes, especially, taking a product called colostrum to enhance their performance. This does not mean that they are taking dietary products that are forbidden.


So what is colostrum then? It is the first milk a mother produces after the birth of a baby. All mammals produce it and this particular dietary product is derived from the first milk of cows.


This natural product is not a wonder food, but something that can be taken to boost the immune system. Athletes take it because if you are training intensively you could be under stress. Stress depletes immune responses.


Since this special milk has been around for thousands of years, it has in the past been a very popular addition to the daily intake of food. In Britain some farmers use some of the colostrum to make special creamy puddings.


Since this supplement does have health benefits, it has become very popular, especially with athletes. This product is mostly produced from New Zealand cows as the country is less polluted than others and it is easy for farmers there to raise their cattle organically.


Some studies have been done by universities and it has been proved that if athletes take this product a couple of weeks before intense training it prevented leaking of the gut. This is because it contains amongst others, growth factors which will strengthen the intestinal lining.


It has to be said that apart from athletes, anybody can benefit from taking this supplement. If you are on strong painkillers and you experience intestinal problems because of it, it is a beneficial addition to the diet. In fact any illnesses that cause damage to the lining of the gut can be greatly helped by colostrum.