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The Aim of A Colon Cleanse

The purpose of colon cleansing is to rid the intestinal tract of accumulated waste. This waste produces toxins over time.  This will give you more vitality as the colon will start working properly again, providing the body with adequate nutrients.

There are other benefits too such as strengthening the immune system and reducing the risk of cancers in the colon.

Under normal circumstances bowel movements are sufficient to keep the colon clear of debris. However, our diet these days is far from ideal.  We consume far too many fats, refined flours and sugars which are not beneficial to our wellbeing.

You can do the following. You can introduce beneficial bacteria to your intestinal tract.  These are to be found in live yoghurts and there are also dietary supplements available for this purpose. Another product called Colosan is also helpful.


This product is magnesium based. It has the advantage of introducing increased oxygen to the bowel area.  It is, therefore, a natural product with few side effects.

Since the colon is closely affiliated with the nervous system, regular bowel movements will affect this system.  Constipation relief will relieve symptoms of discomfort, gas and stomach cramps.

Some people say that you should have at least three bowel movements in a day.  Everybody is different and if you go once a day there is no problem.  It is when you may not go to the toilet for days on end that you will have to do something about it.

The above dietary supplement is unlike laxatives.  The latter are very abrasive and your body can also get hooked on them.  Because the product in question works by introducing oxygen to liquefy impacted waste it is very gentle on the intestinal tract.

You also need to understand that we destroy plant and other enzymes when we cook food.  Because they have been made inactive, some foods will be left undigested.  You may, in this case, also want to introduce digestive enzymes to your diet.