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Should Adults Consume Colostrum Supplements?

Although colostrum has been a health supplement for a number of years, it is only recently becoming popular. Some people find it weird that adults are consuming colostrum, because it is intended for babies. In fact, the majority of colostrum supplements are bovine (cow) colostrum, so it’s actually intended for calves.


When you think about it though, milk is also intended for babies, and the milk that adults drink it designed for calves. In other words, if you think it’s OK for adults to drink cow’s milk, then you really shouldn’t have an issue with them drinking colostrum.


But, what is it? Colostrum is similar to milk, but it contains a much higher concentration of nutrients, minerals, protein, and various other beneficial ingredients. For example, it contains antibodies and friendly bacteria that help boost the immune system. It is intended to be the baby’s (or calf’s) first milk. The mother produces it for the first few days following birth, after which point it becomes milk.


OK, but what is colostrum calming complex and should adults consume it? Colostrum calming complex is simply the name of a particular brand of colostrum. Colostrum has many stress busting ingredients, which is why it gets its ‘calming complex’ name. It has many different benefits, including:


• It boosts the immune system: it contains various antibodies that help our bodies to fight off infections and viruses. It also contains probiotics, which are friendly bacteria, and whichalso makes up part of the immune system.


• It speeds up recovery following injury and illness. This makes sense, because if it’s helping the immune system, it will also be boosting the efficiency of the immune system, meaning that it works faster and more efficiently than it otherwise would. It wouldn’t be easy to notice, but many claim that the supplement boosts the speed at which the body heals.


• It helps to balance the mind and bring about a sense of balance. While this is not directly related to the product, it is a consequence of feeling healthier. When we feel healthier, we’re naturally more optimistic and happy. By boosting our immunity, it naturally boosts our moods too.


• It helps to improve mental alertness. This is both a combination of the point directly above and another interesting quality that colostrum appears to have. It appears to be able to help the brain repair and create new neural connections. This helps to boost mental alertness, which in turn improves memory and executive function.


While none of these claims have been thoroughly verified, anecdotally, many people that use this product say that they feel much better. There are various known components of colostrum products that are known to create the above effects, so while we cannot say for definite that consuming the product leads to the benefits listed, we can say that some of its ingredients do.


So, should adults take a colostrum supplement? Well, they have nothing to lose by doing so, because it’s simply a variation of milk. However, they might have plenty to gain, but the only way to find out is to try.


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