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An Important Supplement for Many Complaints

There is not much to say about Bayberry formula as it has had to be replaced with a wild endive supplement because of EU regulations.

The choice is good because the humble wild endive, also called dandelion is packed full of beneficial vitamins and health properties.

It has many constituents and the main ones are taraxacin, acrystaline and taraxacerin. It also contains vitamins A, B-complex, C and D and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, iron, potassium, manganese calcium, boron and choline.

Taraxacin promotes bile flow so very good for the urinary system. Herbalists see it as an anti-oxidant and an agent against cancer.

This herb was used as long ago as the tenth century when Arabian doctors declared its medicinal qualities. At that time it was used to treat liver and spleen complaints.

Substances that are present in this herb stimulate the good functioning of stomach, bile and liver. This helps toxins and waste to be eliminated through urine. The gall bladder benefits too and it is a natural remedy against the formation of gallstones. If you already suffer gallstones then these can be dissolved.

Since it is capable of getting rid of toxins, this kind of Bayberry formula can be utilised in the treatment of Candida. This is a nasty yeast fungus overgrowth that needs to be eliminated before it can cause damage to the organs.


To start the supplement regime you may have to take 3 to 4 capsules a day to get the symptoms under control. In addition, if your die-off symptoms are severe, you may want to take other supplements such as a colon cleansing agent. These work by introducing extra oxygen to your intestinal tract.

They are not to be confused with laxatives which should not be taken as they are harsh and habit forming. The colon cleanser will make you have to go to the toilet more often initially, but once the toxins have left your body, things will return to normal.

In fact this product works well with all ailments where a diuretic action is needed.

Further information about Bayberry formula now replaced with a wild endive product is to be found at thefinchleyclinic.com