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Simple Things That You Can Do To Help Ease Your Depression

We don’t want to make light of depression. We’re not saying that it’s easy to manage or to overcome. We’re not saying that you won’t need medication and therapy. What we are saying is that there are a few simple things that you can do to help to reduce the severity of your symptoms and make it a little easier to deal with. These are not cures, by any means, but strategies that can help to boost your mood.


Do Something Different
A key thing that happens with depression is withdrawal from everyday life. You might spend all day in bed, or pacing around your house/apartment. This creates a vicious downward spiral that serves to suck you further into depression.


It’s well established that even small breaks in this cycle can have a large effect on your mood. We know that it isn’t easy, but the simple act of doing something different can help you to stop the spiral spinning further down. You don’t have to do a lot; it could simply be taking a bath. If you can, go outside for a walk, do as much as you can manage, even if that’s a five-minute walk around the garden. Anything that breaks that chain will help.


Go Outside At Least Once a Day
The walk will help to break the downward spiral, but it also helps in other ways. Going outside for at least a few minutes during daylight hours (30 minutes is enough, but 5 minutes is fine if that’s all you can manage) can help to reset your body clock. This often goes askew when you’re depressed. The best time to go is in the morning, but if you’re finding it hard to get up, this isn’t possible.


Instead, go an hour or two after you wake up (sooner if you feel like it), and each day, get up five minutes earlier. Eventually, you will get into the routine where you are outside in daylight in the morning, and this will help to reset your circadian rhythm.


If your sleeping patterns are messed up, it could also be due to too much light exposure during the evening. To avoid this, you can buy special glasses that filter out UV light. You won’t look cool (they’re orange!), but it can help to prevent melatonin suppression that happens when you watch TV, play on your computer, or sit under bright lights at night.


Take a Supplement
Many supplements can help to lift your mood and energy:


NADH 20mg is a fantastic choice for morning alertness. NADH 20mg interacts with nicotine receptors in the brain, and leads to stimulation. Don’t take them in the evening. These are for first thing in the morning.
Magnesium: this is the calming mineral. If you suffer from anxiety or restless legs, then you’re highly likely to benefit from this supplement. Take it in the evening, because it will help you to unwind.
Folic acid: you might thing this supplement is reserved for pregnant women, but it can help your body to repair and feel stronger.



Of course, eating a healthy diet and taking regular exercise will also help significantly. Exercise has been found to be as effective as antidepressant medication in the treatment of mild to moderate depression. Clinical depression will require specialist help, but the above steps will help you regardless.


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