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Aiding the digestive process – which supplements can help

The digestive system is made up of lots of involuntary muscles that all work together with one main aim- to break down food molecules to retain what is needed and excrete what the body regards as waste products. This means that even though you don’t consciously think about contracting your colon muscles in the same way you’d think about flexing your biceps when you pick up a chair, they are always working away to effectively separate nutrients from waste.

In order for this process of digestion to be even more efficient, you could consider adding a mix of probiotics to your diet, these help to discourage the replication and survival of bad bacteria and flora in the gut, preventing candida overgrowth and helping to keep other minor digestive complaints at bay also. However, even better would be to give your digestive enzymes a boost with a supplement that includes many of the enzymes found naturally in the gut anyway such as lipase, which breaks down lipids (fats) and protease that work on breaking down complex proteins. Active digestive enzymes can be taken in tablet form as a simple and effective way of supporting your digestive system to prevent common problems such as bloating, water retention and even relive the symptoms of prolonged complaints such as IBS.


Tablets such as these are completely safe and can also help with acid reflux and heartburn, simply try taking one with each meal to help with the break-down of complex food molecules and stop the over-production of stomach acid. If one tablet doesn’t provide relief for the level of discomfort associated with your particular problem, then up to three tablets may be taken at the same time as food.

If you’re ordering the supplements online through a respected retailer such as the Finchley clinic, then you can expect fast delivery which is free of charge if you spend £25 or more in one transaction. This is great value as it means that you can purchase recommended products such as a colon cleanser to ensure that you really do give your digestive system the very best conditions in which to work to the best that it possibly can. Even though you can’t put a price on good health and feeling full of zest and vitality, this offers spectacular value for money. However, should you be dissatisfied or change your mind about the products that you have chosen, there is also a refunds policy in operation too. Simply send back your unopened goods within 7 days to receive a full refund. Although, customers should note that the refund they will receive will not include shipping costs incurred by the customer through the postal return of items.