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Oral Collagen Can Help With Arthritis

If you have always enjoyed outdoor pursuits, the chances are that you may have the odd gripe about your aching joints.  You need to know that this is not due to your exercise regime, but likely due to the fact that you may suffer the onset of osteoarthritis.  This can start as early as your twenties.


It shouldn’t give you too much trouble until you get to retirement age.  If you are one of these people you may want to give collagen tablets a try to see if they will help the sore points such as knees, elbows and spine.


You need to know that collagen is the main ingredient in connective tissues. It is found everywhere I the body; in skin, tendons and our muscles. If collagen diminishes it will be a big problem for our bodies.


When we age the collagen supply diminishes. That can be seen externally in flabby skin and in the face.  Internally your joints and vertebrae can degenerate and cause sciatica which is a sign that all is not well in your spine.


The most likely cause is osteoporosis where the fluid between a vertebra seems to diminish and the disks are pressing on the nerves to your leg; hence the pain.


Do collagen pills work?  The jury is still out in some respect.  If you talk about skin ageing, apparently if you want to rejuvenate your skin by taking oral collagen, there does not seem to be much difference.


However, if you suffer pain in the joints and stiffness there is some improvement.  People who suffer from arthritis and osteoarthritis could also benefit from taking collagen orally.  It has been noted that wounds do also heal easier when this product is added to the daily diet.


Research studies have revealed that people with arthritis do benefit and also that it seems to strengthen the blood vessels and thus circulation is improved. They may even be beneficial in alleviating pain relating to osteoporosis.


These pills have ingredients that are derived from animals, shellfish and may contain yeast. You should make sure that you are not allergic to any of these.


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