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How Oxygen Helps Your Cells To Stay Healthy

Aerobic oxygen is a dietary supplement that contains a concentrated form of stabilised oxygen. This will increase energy levels and you will notice this as soon as you are starting to take this supplement.


This product is designed to cleanse the colon and rid it of unwanted matter that may have been lying around for some time. This will prevent the body from taking up the necessary nutrients to nourish the body’s cells.


Cellular respiration will be diminished which means that the cells do not get enough oxygen to work effectively.  It only takes 60% less oxygen and they could become cancerous.  You need to know that if cells do not get enough oxygen they will look to sugar fermentation to keep them nourished.  Because they are not meant to do this they will become weak.


This is the reason why they will ultimately die off leaving the body organs and everything else inside you with not enough nutrients to remain healthy.


Our environment has much to do with us not breathing in enough clean oxygen.  The air in our modern world is full of toxins from factory fumes and agricultural pesticides. On top of that we should eat a more healthy diet and not convenience foods.


Convenience is just what these foods are as you only have to heat them up. Inside these appetising looking meals there is a cocktail of food colourings, E numbers and starches.

Aerobic oxygen once it arrives in your digestive tract will oxygenate it and this will help the beneficial bacteria to oxidise impacted waste. It will then be soft enough to be expelled, leaving the intestinal lining clean and able to transfer nutrients into the bloodstream.


If you do not look after your gut, ultimately the whole body will suffer as already described shortly above.  You could be suffering from constipation if your intestines are blocked by this rubbish.


It needs to be said that you should also take enough exercise and start eating healthy foods. Altogether they will help to keep you healthy.


Aerobic oxygen is one of the oxygenating products available from the finchley clinic