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Magnesium Oxide For Good Intestinal Health

Oxy powder is one of the oldest products on the health supplement market.  For this reason there is much information available, either in articles written or what people have written.  If you should read these, you will find that very few people had a bad experience with it, if at all.


This dietary supplement has very few ingredients in it, there are just three, hence the name.  It contains organic germanium, ozonated magnesium oxide and citric acid.


Magnesium is utilised by the whole body and every organ and muscles, such as the heart and also the kidneys.  If you are low in magnesium you will soon know it as muscles will start to cramp, especially in the feet.  In America they call it Charley horses.


Oxy powder is used to cleanse the colon and you may ask what ozonated magnesium oxide is.  In order for the product to work this product oxidises into a stabilised oxygen releasing powder. The extra oxygen released helps the good bacteria in your intestinal tract to get rid of impacted waste. 


Quite an amount of debris can accumulate over the years and this will prevent the intestinal lining to transfer minerals, vitamins and nutrients into the bloodstream.  You can imagine that your body starts to become fatigued and sick.


The danger is that your immune system is weakened and you leave yourself open to every bug that goes around. Cleansing the intestinal tract is the obvious answer.


The beneficial bacteria invigorated by the extra oxygen will start to liquefy the impacted waste in order for it to be expelled naturally when you go to the toilet. You can expect, therefore, to have to go to the lavatory many times during this process.


The aim is to achieve regular bowel action up to three times a day.  Of course, everybody is different, but you need to go at least every day and your stools should be soft enough for them to be got rid of easily.


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