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3 Reasons To Like Threelac

The 3 good bacteria in Threelac are designed to be released in your intestines once the granules they are encapsulated in have negotiated their way through your stomach.

This alone is an achievement as the powerful stomach acids prevent all bacteria from living there. From the mouth to the other end that can be anything around thirty feet in humans there live between two and three kilos of bacteria.


Most of their activity is in the mouth and the intestines with the bulk of those occurring in the small intestine.


90% of all the nutrients your body obtains from food is absorbed through the lining of the small intestine. It’s called the small intestine in relation to the large intestine but this is only in diameter as the small is only an inch wide but is over twenty feet long in adults.

Some of the trillions of little bacteria that live in the small intestine are responsible in helping break down foods. Each type of food has its own dismantler known as enzymes. The three bacteria in Threelac are bacillus coagulans, bacillus subtilis and enterococcus faecalis and between them they will attack yeast overgrowth.


The yeast that lives inside our gut and can be the biggest problem on occasion is the candida that when visible we call thrush. This is often mistaken for an STD but it very rarely gets passed on that way.


This product has helped people that suffer with recurring thrush or candida but it also has some other useful side effects. Like similar products it acts as mild laxative as it helps clean the colon.


Our poor diet short of enough fibre means the intestines can become a bit sluggish. When this happens waste can become stuck on the walls of the intestine and in turn this attracts build-up of unhealthy bacteria.


Eventually this will have some effect on blood and possibly some other organs such as the kidneys. If you have a bloated feeling you may also have headaches or tiredness and irritability. All are signs that the blood is not being properly oxygenated.