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Threelac For A Cleaner Colon

Early mankind from tens of thousands of years ago would have difficulty travelling through time and stumbling into a modern supermarket.


Apart perhaps from the vegetable section and maybe the fish or meat counter all the packaged foods would be a mystery.


In many ways caveman ate a lot better than we do today. We may understand the importance of vitamins, fibre and carbohydrates but in general we eat a lot of junk.


When we feel a bit bloated or constipated the cause can almost certainly be traced back to some hurried and inappropriate food. In this situation something like Threelac can prove very beneficial.


As the name implies this supplement introduces three good bacteria into the intestines and this has the effect of loosening any blockage no matter how small as well as introducing oxygen.


Oxygen is an essential part of the process and there are many aerobic bacteria that obviously need oxygen to function.


Bacteria are an essential part of digestion as well as helping us build an immune system. An obsessive fear of bacteria or germs leads to TV advertisements with claims such as one wipe with this liquid kills 99% of all known germs.


It is now generally believed that just like Jenner discovered with the cowpox serum it is actually a good thing for children to be exposed to bacteria in order to build a strong immune system.


When a baby is born the bacteria invades through the mouth and nose. Plenty of bacteria are contracted through the birth canal and as soon as the mother breast feeds further doses of bacteria enter the digestive system.


By the time the baby is an adult there will be between two and three kilos living in the gut and mouth. The concentrations are in the mouth and the intestines where most of the digestive processes take place.


Threelac is just one of a group of similar products that can help with most digestion problems but should any difficulty continue for too long then you should always seek help from your medical practitioner.