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What Can Colosan Do For Colons?

Healthiness and well-being is important to many people. When we think of toxins and bacteria, we think of illnesses,viruses both of which are the complete opposite of healthiness and well- being. The health of your colon may not be the first aspect that comes to mind when discussing the health our bodies, but a colon that is filled with toxins will have a negative effect on your body and health. For example, constipation, bloating and skin problems like blemishes are some of the effects of a colon that is not functioning properly. This could be a distressing and miserable time for those who have these symptoms. However, there may be something that could help.


If the above problems are associated with a bad colon what can Colosan do to help? This supplement may help to cleanse the build-up of toxic matter in the colon. Comprising of magnesium and oxygen, when the supplement is taken with lemon juice, the oxygen is released in the digestive tract and this is when the oxidising process begins.


What should be the dosage of Colosan? While there is no set dosage, people who use the supplement typically take 2-3 heaped teaspoons in a glass of water. This dosage is for the initial 7 day cleanse and after this period, one heaped teaspoon can be used per day indefinitely for optimum cleansing. For some who use the supplement for the first time they may notice more bowel movement and so it is recommended that there is easy access to a bathroom.



This blog post did start with the negative effects and problems associated with a bad colon. However, with the help of Colosan, it could help to eliminate the distressing and uncomfortable problems that can occur with an unhealthy colon. Also a healthy and balanced diet could ensure a good colon that will promote daily bowel movement and reduce bloating.