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Health Locked In A Capsule

Through the evolution of time and countless generations, humans and other creatures have learnt what is safe to eat and what is not but along the way many must have suffered and died.


Fungi are an interesting example of people dying or being violently ill whilst figuring out good ones and deadly ones.


Some fruits and vegetables not only look and taste delicious but we also instinctively know they are good for our well-being. An apple a day keeps the doctor away could be said about many fruits and a little known one in parts of tropical South America is the Acai berry.


Indigenous people have been attracted to them for thousands of years and whenever this particular type of palm is in fruit it is quickly picked and eaten.


These people somehow knew instinctively that here is goodness on a tree and now that we have the technology to discover precisely what is in the fruit low and behold, we discover they have been right all along.


The fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals and has about the most concentrated amount of antioxidants of any other fruit.


Essential fatty acids are also in abundance and all in this entire little berry packs a very healthy punch.


Added to this is the flavour that tastes a cross between chocolate and blueberry but alas, unless you are willing to fly to Brazil you are unlikely to enjoy that very fresh flavour as the berry does not travel.


On the other hand the benefits can all still be enjoyed when the fruit is taken as a capsule. Acai capsules are now available from reputable distributors like The Finchley Clinic online.



This product like so many others should always be looked upon as boosters to our already healthy diet. So many health issues are the result of poor eating habits and this is reflected in the rising numbers of obese people including children and also late onset diabetes.


One somehow feels that those native Brazilian dwellers eating healthy fruits and fresh fish will not suffer the poor diet side-effects of the western nations.