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Why Sorting Out Candida Is Important

If you suffer from Candida Albicans you would do anything to get rid of this irritable yeast overgrowth. The last thing you should do though is to take antibiotics to get rid of it.


There are plenty of natural remedies such as a dietary supplement called Threelac that can rebalance the good and bad bacteria in your intestines. The condition appears if there is a proliferation of yeast fungus in your system.


This supplement consists of three beneficial bacteria that are beneficial to the good bacteria in fighting to re-establish a good balance in your intestinal tract. If you should take antibiotics, apart from pathogens becoming resistant to it, you will kill off beneficial as well as the yeast loving bacteria. This, in turn, suppresses the immune system.


You need to strengthen your immune system and delivering aerobic or oxygen loving bacteria to your intestinal tract will do just that. The yeast overgrowth that can also produce toxins will die off. You may initially feel worse for a few days as this happens, but gradually your energy levels will soar and the candida symptoms will fade.


The supplement has been on the market around the world for some time now. Originally from Japan, it was marketed in North America and this product now enjoys a large following. Because it is a wholly natural preparation there are very few side effects.

The only discomfort is a watery stool for a few days as the pathogens leave your body and perhaps some flu like symptoms.


What is very important when having any ailment is to adopt a good diet too. The supplement can do its work on its own, but if you do not change your diet and cut out starchy and sugar out of your diet and start eating fresh produce, your condition may come back.


Since the immune system is very closely linked with the digestive tract, most ailments seem to stem from there. If a condition such as candida is allowed to carry on untreated, you could become more seriously ill as you get older.