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Why Health Products Can Place An Important Role

In an ordinary world health supplements are not necessary if we eat the right foods. However, our world is not an ordinary place to live anymore and hard-working people are increasingly reliant on fast foods, pre prepared biscuits and cakes and convenience meals that can be heated up in the microwave.



Refined starches and flours are food ingredients that our intestinal tract were never meant to digest and they will linger in your intestines and form a hard faecal matter that will over time cling to the lining of the gut.


This will prevent your body to take the necessary nutrients to nourish the organs of our body. You will know when things are not right when you suffer bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and wind. You may even pick up every bug that is going around because your immune system will be less effective.


In this case you may want to try some of the excellent supplements that are available to you these days. There are products that are colon cleansers, probiotics in powder form and other preparations that help cleanse your colon with the aid of extra oxygen, delivered to where it is needed.


These supplements are very safe and not abrasive like herbal laxatives which are often habit forming and bad for the intestinal lining. The oxygen within most of these products will gently liquefy hardened faeces and the body is able to expel loosened motions easily.


It is, therefore, certain that if you take these supplements that you will suffer from a few loose stools for a couple of days until toxins and debris has been got rid of. You may also experience a healing crisis when toxic matter is expelled.


I have experienced such a crisis once as the body is getting used to being healthy again and the symptoms that you will experience when that happens are limbs that ache, sweats and perhaps a headache, so very much like having the flu.


It is important that you make the effort to include healthy foods to your diet.