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Oral Collagen Can Help With Arthritis

If you have always enjoyed outdoor pursuits, the chances are that you may have the odd gripe about your aching joints.  You need to know that this is not due to your exercise regime, but likely due to the fact that you may suffer the onset of osteoarthritis.  This can start as early as your twenties.


It shouldn’t give you too much trouble until you get to retirement age.  If you are one of these people you may want to give collagen tablets a try to see if they will help the sore points such as knees, elbows and spine.


You need to know that collagen is the main ingredient in connective tissues. It is found everywhere I the body; in skin, tendons and our muscles. If collagen diminishes it will be a big problem for our bodies.


When we age the collagen supply diminishes. That can be seen externally in flabby skin and in the face.  Internally your joints and vertebrae can degenerate and cause sciatica which is a sign that all is not well in your spine.


The most likely cause is osteoporosis where the fluid between a vertebra seems to diminish and the disks are pressing on the nerves to your leg; hence the pain.


Do collagen pills work?  The jury is still out in some respect.  If you talk about skin ageing, apparently if you want to rejuvenate your skin by taking oral collagen, there does not seem to be much difference.


However, if you suffer pain in the joints and stiffness there is some improvement.  People who suffer from arthritis and osteoarthritis could also benefit from taking collagen orally.  It has been noted that wounds do also heal easier when this product is added to the daily diet.


Research studies have revealed that people with arthritis do benefit and also that it seems to strengthen the blood vessels and thus circulation is improved. They may even be beneficial in alleviating pain relating to osteoporosis.


These pills have ingredients that are derived from animals, shellfish and may contain yeast. You should make sure that you are not allergic to any of these.


For further extensive information about collagen tablets please visit the finchley clinc

A Clean Colon Will Keep You Healthy

It is always difficult to know if you should like to give colon cleansing a try, which dietary product will be the most suitable. Everybody reacts differently to a product. It may be that you will have to try several to arrive at the right one.


There are many of these supplements available to you. The reputable ones are totally natural, like for instance, Colosan. These preparations work by delivering oxygen to the intestinal tract so that the beneficial bacteria can process faecal waste once it arrives in the colon.


There are rudimentary colon cleansers available, such as laxatives.  However, these are very abrasive for the intestinal lining and you should try and avoid these as they are also habit forming.


It is well understood nowadays that poor colon health leads to all kinds of health problems.  Energy levels and metabolism are affected when the colon contains faecal waste that has not been expelled. It will obstruct the proper uptake of vitamins and minerals, leading to the body not getting enough nutrients.


It is totally understandable that you will become listless and because the immune system is weakened you may also suffer skin outbreaks, constipation and numerous seasonal maladies.


The plus point of Colosan is that according to people’s feedback through social media, the product works really well.  There is a high rating of satisfaction amongst its users.  It is also one of the cheapest amongst all the other preparations.


The downside of it is that the ingredients are not clearly stated and you have to do much research to find out what ingredients are actually in the product.  It seems on further investigation that it contains psyllium husk, liquorice, buckthorn, cascara sagrada and ginger.  You must find out if some of these do not agree with you.


Otherwise colon cleansers such as the natural one described above, cleanse the whole colon and not just the last part of it. Colonic irrigation will help you, but you must know that it does not cleanse the entire intestinal tract.


A colon cleanser that suits your body, including Colosan, is available from the finchley clinic

How Oxygen Helps Your Cells To Stay Healthy

Aerobic oxygen is a dietary supplement that contains a concentrated form of stabilised oxygen. This will increase energy levels and you will notice this as soon as you are starting to take this supplement.


This product is designed to cleanse the colon and rid it of unwanted matter that may have been lying around for some time. This will prevent the body from taking up the necessary nutrients to nourish the body’s cells.


Cellular respiration will be diminished which means that the cells do not get enough oxygen to work effectively.  It only takes 60% less oxygen and they could become cancerous.  You need to know that if cells do not get enough oxygen they will look to sugar fermentation to keep them nourished.  Because they are not meant to do this they will become weak.


This is the reason why they will ultimately die off leaving the body organs and everything else inside you with not enough nutrients to remain healthy.


Our environment has much to do with us not breathing in enough clean oxygen.  The air in our modern world is full of toxins from factory fumes and agricultural pesticides. On top of that we should eat a more healthy diet and not convenience foods.


Convenience is just what these foods are as you only have to heat them up. Inside these appetising looking meals there is a cocktail of food colourings, E numbers and starches.

Aerobic oxygen once it arrives in your digestive tract will oxygenate it and this will help the beneficial bacteria to oxidise impacted waste. It will then be soft enough to be expelled, leaving the intestinal lining clean and able to transfer nutrients into the bloodstream.


If you do not look after your gut, ultimately the whole body will suffer as already described shortly above.  You could be suffering from constipation if your intestines are blocked by this rubbish.


It needs to be said that you should also take enough exercise and start eating healthy foods. Altogether they will help to keep you healthy.


Aerobic oxygen is one of the oxygenating products available from the finchley clinic

Magnesium Oxide For Good Intestinal Health

Oxy powder is one of the oldest products on the health supplement market.  For this reason there is much information available, either in articles written or what people have written.  If you should read these, you will find that very few people had a bad experience with it, if at all.


This dietary supplement has very few ingredients in it, there are just three, hence the name.  It contains organic germanium, ozonated magnesium oxide and citric acid.


Magnesium is utilised by the whole body and every organ and muscles, such as the heart and also the kidneys.  If you are low in magnesium you will soon know it as muscles will start to cramp, especially in the feet.  In America they call it Charley horses.


Oxy powder is used to cleanse the colon and you may ask what ozonated magnesium oxide is.  In order for the product to work this product oxidises into a stabilised oxygen releasing powder. The extra oxygen released helps the good bacteria in your intestinal tract to get rid of impacted waste. 


Quite an amount of debris can accumulate over the years and this will prevent the intestinal lining to transfer minerals, vitamins and nutrients into the bloodstream.  You can imagine that your body starts to become fatigued and sick.


The danger is that your immune system is weakened and you leave yourself open to every bug that goes around. Cleansing the intestinal tract is the obvious answer.


The beneficial bacteria invigorated by the extra oxygen will start to liquefy the impacted waste in order for it to be expelled naturally when you go to the toilet. You can expect, therefore, to have to go to the lavatory many times during this process.


The aim is to achieve regular bowel action up to three times a day.  Of course, everybody is different, but you need to go at least every day and your stools should be soft enough for them to be got rid of easily.


You need a trusted supplier of Oxy powder and for this reason please visit thefinchleyclinic

Optibac The Calming Probiotic

Many of the probiotic food supplements are designed to flush the intestines of any hard or compacted waste.

Optibac probiotics is a little different in this respect as it is formulated to reduce diarrhoea and calm the gut so the urge to make frequent visits to the lavatory is reduced.

The key ingredient is the natural and safe probiotic yeast known as Saccharomyces boulardii and extensive trials have convinced many of the help this gives with a number of gastrointestinal problems.

Diarrhoea is not always the result of reaction to certain foods. Most of us suffer with this problem at some time or other when we travel abroad and eating habits change. Even the change in drinking water can give us some cramps and diarrhoea just because of increased mineral content.

In Turkey for example most people drink bottled water not because tap water is in any way contaminated but simply because of the high mineral content that over a long period of time can cause kidney stones.


Many illnesses can begin with a problem in the digestive tract and it’s easy to believe this when you realise what happens with every bite of food you swallow.
Numerous processes take place from the moment the nose smells delicious food even before that first bite. The nose alerts the saliva gland and enzymes are ready to work on the first mouthful. Throughout the digestive system various acids and enzymes along with gut bacteria end up reducing the food to nutrients, water and waste.

The whole system has been fine-tuned over the history of mankind but only in recent years have eating habits undergone such a transformation.

Instead of simple foods that included more vegetation, fruit and nuts along with only occasional meat or fish we now have supermarkets and processed foods. Our guts are now assaulted with too much sugar and salt along with additives too many to list.

Food manufacturers are obliged by law to list ingredients on the packet, tin or bottle but usually the writing is so small you need a magnifying glass to have any chance of reading it.

Optibac is a gentle probiotic with the ingredient to help settle many bowel complaints and has proved itself in many clinical trials.

Why Is It Important to Keep Your Colon Healthy and Clean?

The colon is one of the most important organs in your body, although you probably wouldn’t know this, given that it’s rarely talked about – particularly in polite conversation! However, it’s responsible for extracting nutrients from the food you eat. If it’s not working, your body isn’t getting what it needs and this can affect every other organ, including the brain, lungs and heart. Here, we’re going to look at the reasons why it’s important to clean your colon. First, though, we’re going to look at what you can do to keep it clean.

How to Keep Your Colon Clean
There are three key ways that you can keep your colon clean and healthy:

1.    Colon cleanser: before you start to adopt the changes that follow, you can opt for a colon cleanser that will kick-start the process. There are a number of different options, including invasive treatments, such as colonic irrigation, and non-invasive treatments, such as tablets and powders. You should research the various options available and choose one with which you’re comfortable.

2.    Eat a healthy diet: the colon thrives when it’s given the nutrients it needs, and it gets these from the food that you eat. You must eat a balanced and varied diet replete with fruit, veg, lean meats and complex carbohydrates. The colon needs high levels of fibre, vitamins and minerals, and eating such a diet provides it with all it needs.

3.    Exercise: exercise has so many benefits through the body, and one of its benefits is its effects on digestive health. It helps to regulate your metabolism; it introduces oxygen to the body (particularly aerobic exercise); and it gives you more energy.

The Effects of a Healthy Colon on the Body
There are so many positive effects in having a healthy colon. These include:

1.    Feeding the body with nutrients and vitamins: as your body improves its digestion, it will be better equipped to absorb nutrients from your food. This will influence the entire body. You will have healthier joints, healthier blood, healthier organs and healthier skin. Overall, this will contribute to a high sense of general wellbeing. It can even help to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. You know what they say: ‘a healthy body leads to a healthy mind’. This is categorically true and is supported by empirical evidence.


2.    Bowel health: a healthy colon means healthy bowels. This means that your digestive system will be balanced and regular. You'll be able to predict toilet times and your body will start to work to a schedule. This makes the bowels happy; they just plod along doing what they’re meant to do. It will all become much more predictable. It will have an overall effect on homeostasis; you will find that your sleep pattern improves, that your moods are balanced and that you have an increased sense of control.

If you are interested in learning more about colon cleansing, or you would like to buy a colon cleanser, then please visit www.thefinchleyclinic.com/shop/

How to Improve Digestive Health

Digestive problems are common. I know, I've been there, and I’ve come out the other side. For ages, I used to Google symptoms looking for helpful advice to help me regulate my bowels: the farts, the diarrhoea, the constipation (sorry to be crude) were affecting my life. I always needed to make sure I was near a toilet should the dreaded shart appear. I always promised myself that once I felt OK again, I’d share my knowledge with as many people as I can. Well, that’s what I’m doing here.

Now, I just want to preface this by saying that this process might not work for everyone. I had mild problems that weren’t associated with any serious conditions, like Crohn’s Disease. My condition is best described as mild IBS, although it was not formerly diagnosed. However, I did suffer with it and I did have to make special arrangements, like making sure I was near a toilet.

Anyway, here are the things that helped me:

1.    Weight loss: I wasn’t particularly fat, but I was outside the healthy BMI for my sex, age and height. The first thing I did was change my diet and lost weight. Being overweight can have a big impact on your bowels for a number of reasons:

a.    The excess fat can literally crush the intestines, making it hard for food to move through the system.

b.    Being overweight is often indicative of a poor diet. Our body finds it hard to digest junk food and food that’s high in fat. If you eat a lot of this type of food, you need to cut it out. You'll find that you crave it initially, but after a few days, the cravings will disappear. In fact, this is one of the things that shocked me most: junk food is addictive! It causes you to want more. No doubt, the food manufacturers do it on purpose because it boosts profits, so don’t let them rob you of your health for the sake of food.

2.    Diet: following closely from the above, I also changed my diet. I cut out the junk and I started to eat high-fibre fruit and vegetable. I ate meat, but mostly lean meats, such as chicken, which are easier to digest. Finally, I swapped simple carbs, e.g. white bread and pasta, and swapped if for their complex carb, whole-wheat counterparts. I also ate some specific foods that I know help with digestion:

a.    Prunes: these are fantastic for helping you to stay regular and predict the poop schedule.
b.    Yoghurts: these contain probiotics – more on this in the following section.

3.    Probiotic supplements: one of the things that helped me the most was taking a probiotic supplement called Fivelac. Fivelac, as the name suggests, contains five different types of probiotic. A probiotic is a ‘friendly bacteria’; it helps the body to carry out certain functions. In terms of Fivelac, it’s a digestive system bacteria. It helps to break down food and releases a greater number of digestible nutrients (the nutrients are always there in the food, but sometimes the body can’t extract it in time and it leaves the body in our poop).


These three things really helped to balance my digestive system and today, I rarely have tummy aches.

3 Reasons To Like Threelac

The 3 good bacteria in Threelac are designed to be released in your intestines once the granules they are encapsulated in have negotiated their way through your stomach.

This alone is an achievement as the powerful stomach acids prevent all bacteria from living there. From the mouth to the other end that can be anything around thirty feet in humans there live between two and three kilos of bacteria.


Most of their activity is in the mouth and the intestines with the bulk of those occurring in the small intestine.


90% of all the nutrients your body obtains from food is absorbed through the lining of the small intestine. It’s called the small intestine in relation to the large intestine but this is only in diameter as the small is only an inch wide but is over twenty feet long in adults.

Some of the trillions of little bacteria that live in the small intestine are responsible in helping break down foods. Each type of food has its own dismantler known as enzymes. The three bacteria in Threelac are bacillus coagulans, bacillus subtilis and enterococcus faecalis and between them they will attack yeast overgrowth.


The yeast that lives inside our gut and can be the biggest problem on occasion is the candida that when visible we call thrush. This is often mistaken for an STD but it very rarely gets passed on that way.


This product has helped people that suffer with recurring thrush or candida but it also has some other useful side effects. Like similar products it acts as mild laxative as it helps clean the colon.


Our poor diet short of enough fibre means the intestines can become a bit sluggish. When this happens waste can become stuck on the walls of the intestine and in turn this attracts build-up of unhealthy bacteria.


Eventually this will have some effect on blood and possibly some other organs such as the kidneys. If you have a bloated feeling you may also have headaches or tiredness and irritability. All are signs that the blood is not being properly oxygenated.

Threelac For A Cleaner Colon

Early mankind from tens of thousands of years ago would have difficulty travelling through time and stumbling into a modern supermarket.


Apart perhaps from the vegetable section and maybe the fish or meat counter all the packaged foods would be a mystery.


In many ways caveman ate a lot better than we do today. We may understand the importance of vitamins, fibre and carbohydrates but in general we eat a lot of junk.


When we feel a bit bloated or constipated the cause can almost certainly be traced back to some hurried and inappropriate food. In this situation something like Threelac can prove very beneficial.


As the name implies this supplement introduces three good bacteria into the intestines and this has the effect of loosening any blockage no matter how small as well as introducing oxygen.


Oxygen is an essential part of the process and there are many aerobic bacteria that obviously need oxygen to function.


Bacteria are an essential part of digestion as well as helping us build an immune system. An obsessive fear of bacteria or germs leads to TV advertisements with claims such as one wipe with this liquid kills 99% of all known germs.


It is now generally believed that just like Jenner discovered with the cowpox serum it is actually a good thing for children to be exposed to bacteria in order to build a strong immune system.


When a baby is born the bacteria invades through the mouth and nose. Plenty of bacteria are contracted through the birth canal and as soon as the mother breast feeds further doses of bacteria enter the digestive system.


By the time the baby is an adult there will be between two and three kilos living in the gut and mouth. The concentrations are in the mouth and the intestines where most of the digestive processes take place.


Threelac is just one of a group of similar products that can help with most digestion problems but should any difficulty continue for too long then you should always seek help from your medical practitioner.

Clear Your Gut The Natural Way

A lot is preached about probiotics but no matter you think the fact is that in all of the hotter countries of the Middle and Far East there is an ancient and shared belief in these drinks.


In Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran and Syria it’s called Kefir and a more delicious drink on a boiling hot day it’s hard to find. It settles every kind of stomach and guts complaint and ensures regular bowel movement.


These parts of the world are generally less air polluted than the industrialised west and they almost certainly eat a far healthier diet even if there is less spending power. Ancient mountain herbs and spices are known for their medicinal properties and most of all ailments can be traced back to the gut.


Our modern medicines come in the shape of little white pills. Most of these originate from plants but we have totally lost track of that natural form. Many of these plants are releasing oxygen in the gut as this is known as a cleansing agent along with the roughage that usually comes with the plant.


Since we have lost the plot and understanding of natural remedies picked from mountain or valley, we can take a look at natural supplements such as Optibac probiotics.



Probiotics deliver the same as Kefir and provide a boost to the intestines of oxygen and good bacteria that in turn helps clean the bowel whilst ensuring regular movement.


It should be seen as an aid but not a cure. If you need it then you should also be taking a step back and looking at your whole lifestyle from diet to work as well as physical fitness and sleep pattern.


Stress is one of the biggest factors when it comes to digestive problems. It’s not always just a poor diet and it may also be the dreaded rushed fast food that has become the norm of office lunchtimes.


If you suffer from any bloating or irregular bowel movement you may want to consider trying a course in probiotics and Optibac could just be the one for you.

Give Your Colon A Cleanse

Constantly doubled over in pain, constipated, feeling bloating or even nauseous is not something that people want to experience. If this is something that you do experience or have in the past, it may show that your digestive system is not in the shape that it should be in. The negative effects of an unhealthy colon are apparent due to the visible pain that a person can be. The constant pain would leave those very uncomfortable and distressed which illustrates that an unhealthy digestive system could also affect wellbeing.


What may cause an unhealthy colon? There could be a number of reasons as why the colon is not functioning properly. This could include a poor diet and lifestyle that does not feature enough exercise. If these are the reasons, then of course a change in diet and uptake of exercise may help to alleviate the problems of an unhealthy colon.


A colon cleanser may be the thing to help aid the journey to a healthy colon. What is a colon cleanser? This may help you to detox and get rid of the toxic waste in the colon. An example of a colon cleanser is Oxy Powder.



If you buy Oxy Powder, you of course want to know how it works. As the name suggests, it is an oxygen based colon cleanser. The stabilised oxygen is released into the blood stream and digestive tract. This helps to remove faecal and other toxic matter from the colon that has been built up in the body’s system. The colon cleanser is clever product as it solely targets the harmful bacteria by creating an environment in which it cannot thrive in. Therefore, the good, or friendly bacteria needed by the body is left unaffected.

Buy Oxy Powder at The Finchley Clinic. Here is where you can purchase Oxy Powder and a range of other Oxy Products which could help you on your way to a healthy colon.

Do You Want A Clean And Healthy Colon?

Yes, should definitely be the answer to this question. An unhealthy and poorly functioning colon will lead to problems that may affect your everyday life. This could be anything from constipation to bloating, stomach cramps and even vomiting. The Finchley Clinic provides an array of colon cleansers that, as the name suggests, could help to clean out your colon.


The above illustrates the negative effects that could occur from an unhealthy colon. So, why do we need a clean colon?


Our colon, or large intestine, has to be healthy and function normally as it has a vital job of absorbing the nutrients and vitamins needed by the body. Afterwards, the built up leftovers that is not needed is expelled from the body. If the colon is not functioning correctly, this could be down to a poor diet that is not high in fibre and rich in fruit and vegetables. This, plus a lack of exercise, could contribute to the build-up of waste consisting of bacteria and toxins which will affect the colon.



Those who have some of the symptoms of an unhealthy colon may want to consider colon cleansers. Like all supplements and medication, responses are different and so people should seek advice from a medical practitioner if they have any queries or concerns.


The cleansers that are available at The Finchley Clinic are mostly in capsule form and also in powder form. The cleansers are: Oxy Powder, Colosan and Mag O7. The supplements work by releasing oxygen into the colon and the oxidising process helps to break down the toxic matter that is clinging to the colon.


What is better? That is a difficult question and it may be hard to provide a clear cut answer. The best answer would result in individual experiences. While the colon cleansers do work by the same principles, some users may actually find that one cleanser agrees with them better than the other. A good way to decide for yourself is to see which one works for you!

What Can Colosan Do For Colons?

Healthiness and well-being is important to many people. When we think of toxins and bacteria, we think of illnesses,viruses both of which are the complete opposite of healthiness and well- being. The health of your colon may not be the first aspect that comes to mind when discussing the health our bodies, but a colon that is filled with toxins will have a negative effect on your body and health. For example, constipation, bloating and skin problems like blemishes are some of the effects of a colon that is not functioning properly. This could be a distressing and miserable time for those who have these symptoms. However, there may be something that could help.


If the above problems are associated with a bad colon what can Colosan do to help? This supplement may help to cleanse the build-up of toxic matter in the colon. Comprising of magnesium and oxygen, when the supplement is taken with lemon juice, the oxygen is released in the digestive tract and this is when the oxidising process begins.


What should be the dosage of Colosan? While there is no set dosage, people who use the supplement typically take 2-3 heaped teaspoons in a glass of water. This dosage is for the initial 7 day cleanse and after this period, one heaped teaspoon can be used per day indefinitely for optimum cleansing. For some who use the supplement for the first time they may notice more bowel movement and so it is recommended that there is easy access to a bathroom.



This blog post did start with the negative effects and problems associated with a bad colon. However, with the help of Colosan, it could help to eliminate the distressing and uncomfortable problems that can occur with an unhealthy colon. Also a healthy and balanced diet could ensure a good colon that will promote daily bowel movement and reduce bloating.

Health Locked In A Capsule

Through the evolution of time and countless generations, humans and other creatures have learnt what is safe to eat and what is not but along the way many must have suffered and died.


Fungi are an interesting example of people dying or being violently ill whilst figuring out good ones and deadly ones.


Some fruits and vegetables not only look and taste delicious but we also instinctively know they are good for our well-being. An apple a day keeps the doctor away could be said about many fruits and a little known one in parts of tropical South America is the Acai berry.


Indigenous people have been attracted to them for thousands of years and whenever this particular type of palm is in fruit it is quickly picked and eaten.


These people somehow knew instinctively that here is goodness on a tree and now that we have the technology to discover precisely what is in the fruit low and behold, we discover they have been right all along.


The fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals and has about the most concentrated amount of antioxidants of any other fruit.


Essential fatty acids are also in abundance and all in this entire little berry packs a very healthy punch.


Added to this is the flavour that tastes a cross between chocolate and blueberry but alas, unless you are willing to fly to Brazil you are unlikely to enjoy that very fresh flavour as the berry does not travel.


On the other hand the benefits can all still be enjoyed when the fruit is taken as a capsule. Acai capsules are now available from reputable distributors like The Finchley Clinic online.



This product like so many others should always be looked upon as boosters to our already healthy diet. So many health issues are the result of poor eating habits and this is reflected in the rising numbers of obese people including children and also late onset diabetes.


One somehow feels that those native Brazilian dwellers eating healthy fruits and fresh fish will not suffer the poor diet side-effects of the western nations.

Clean And Clear

Life in the modern world often means rushed meals that are not freshly prepared and consists of ready made frozen packages or fast food takeaways.


Despite the number of TV cookery programs many adults having grown up on junk food continue to do so. This is evident with the ever growing number of obese adolescence and adults along with the resulting medical complications such as diabetes and high blood pressure.


It is ironic that apparently poorer countries have healthier looking people. Ingredients on packaged and processed supermarket food and drink are usually printed in very small lettering frequently impossible to read without a magnifying glass.


Excessive salt and sugar usually present as a preservative means we are clogging up the digestive system with anunnatural sluggish movement.

Poor eating habits combined with a lack of exercise that comes about because so many jobs these days involves sitting in front of a computer screen can lead to a poorly functioning digestive system.


There are many signs of an underperforming digestive system most commonly a bloated feeling and perhaps constipation. Left alone this will also lead to other problems like fatigue and maybe headaches.


What the colon needs is some gentle type of laxative but not the usual harsh kind that rips through the system like the powder one is given before a colonoscopy!


Colosan is a product that moves things along in a gentler manner whilst bringing beneficial oxygen that has a positive effect on aerobic gut bacteria.

The product taken in the form of Colosan capsules consists of allotropes of magnesium oxide and works by releasing oxygen where it is most needed in the colon.



The root cause of the discomfort is often because of the excess salts and sugars that have the effect of clogging up parts of the lining of the intestine. Where this happens there are problems with healthy bacteria that are essential as part of the breaking down of food process.


Certain gut bacteria are essential in reducing food down to molecular size nutrients that are absorbed into the blood so keeping a clean colon is an important part of good health.

Some Tips To StrengthenThe Immune System

It is a fact that most of us live longer than our grandparents. It is also true that we see more chronic illnesses now than before. This is just because when our grandparents were alive they probably died before these illnesses became apparent.


Longevity has had much to do with more efficient medication and antibiotics have been one of the most successful drugs. However, pathogens have become resistant to them and it is now time to strengthen our immune system by other means.


To this end it is worth having a look at health products London to see what can be done to achieve this. We should also look at more natural means to keep our immune system strong through a better diet that should include fresh produce, whole flour and we should reduce our sugar intake.

If you want to do this gradually then dietary supplements can set you on the path to cleanse your digestive tract and increase your vitamin and mineral intake. Most of the products sold by reputable supplement providers are wholly natural and very often suitable for vegetarians unless otherwise stated.

A very elderly friend was recently advised by her physician to increase her intake of probiotics to make sure that she is less likely to succumb to winter ailments that could make her very ill or even kill her at her very advanced age of 92.


Her secret to health is also to keep as mobile as possible and she swims every day. If you keep moving you will also keep a strong circulation going and swimming is an excellent way to exercise the muscles.


If you are genuinely interested in changing your fast food diet for natural products, there is no better way than to have a look what your local farmer’s market has to offer. Vegetables that are in season are often fresher than imported foodstuffs.

With so many food, baking and cooking programmes currently on television there are plenty ideas for recipes and it is fun to create your own dishes.